Winter into spring

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winter_lake winter_birds swans,etc swan
Here the lake is frozen over in January or February 2007.
The birds inhabiting the lake keep one corner liquid by swimming back and forth. Here one can see some gulls around the edge of the ice.
The mute swam couple may be seen here. They are not presently in this area, maybe because of the reconstruction of the lake area and it's shoreline.
Since swans are not natural to the park (they are cared for by the Central Park Conservancy.), they may have been moved to the Harlem Meer or elsewhere, for the duration of the reconstruction process.
winter_fowl blossoms more_blossoms flowers
Besides the gulls, one may see various water-fowl here including mallard ducks and others.
Tree blossoms. It would be appreciated if anyone can identify specifically what type of tree and blossoms they are.
In the sheep meadow. Probably the same tree as before.
On the 72nd Street Transverse Road near Bethesda Terrace. Please identify.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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