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The Phantom Trumpet

"The Phantom Trumpet" started from a several-years-old unused sketch and the idea behind it is simply to see what I could do with "computer-electronic" type sounds. I've also used the more traditional sounds of strings and trumpets as well as traditional linear elements (beginning-middle-end.). Unlike my other files, this is for computer only since it would be difficult to perform it live, in this form anyway.

Phantom Trumpet

The "Phantom Trumpet" derives its name from its prominent mute trumpet patch.

The slight revision of the file simply adds two long notes at the very end which I have felt, for a while, were needed.

I've been using the old software Studio Vision Pro for many years but only more recently became acquainted with it's Acadia recording which allows plugins and equalizers in order to enhance the audio tracks. I have found after some experimentation, that I'd prefer not to change the MIDI sounds too much but I have added choruses and echoes in this file and avoided the equalizers in order to make the sounds as ghostly as possible.

Edward Gold

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