Order of the Cynthian Palm

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"Egret in Flight" was written for the 2008 Nu Mu [Sic!] Delian Society Project (atonal scores of the usually tonal Delian Society. Though most of this score is tonal, the slower sections are less so.) but it was also done as an addition to the earlier "Central Park Suite".

The Great Egret is a heron which is native to Florida and Central-South America but it can migrate north during the summers. This particular bird had a mate but in this case it is shown alone, apparently startling the sunbathers on the rocks below in the Ramble Section of the Park.

Egret in Flight - Central Park Suite

The slower sections attempt to mirror the fishing stance of the bird which quietly stalks its prey and, often, is rewarded with a fish going down its long gullet.

Edward Gold

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