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Lake Obelisk The Ramble egret
My favorite spot in the park, good for contemplation and unwinding.
The Obelisk popularly called "Cleopatra's Needle" is from the reigns of Tutmosis III and Ramses II. it is one of three, the others being in London on the Thames Embankment and in Paris at the Place de la Concorde. Cleopatra had nothing to do with any of them!
The Ramble
This is an entrance to The Ramble, a large section of the park which is host to many species of birds ( the park is under a migratory path.) and other wildlife.
Written for the 2008 Nu Mu [Sic!] Festival but also intended to be added to my original four section Central Park Suite to go, as shown, between "The Ramble" and "Angel of the Waters", Thus we have two flying critturs in a row but of entirely different characters.

The "Angel of the Waters" fountain is one of the most familiar sections of Central Park. It is a favorite spot for tourists and musical performers. The sculpture was created by Emma Stebbins (1868) who was the first notable female American sculptor.

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