Ed_tanglewood Ed_passport publicity Ed_upright
This is me as a teenager standing in front of Wheatleigh Dormitory at Tanglewood.
This is a passport photo of me, probably from the late 60s. Unlike the later snapshot, this time, the "big hair" is all my own!
A publicity photo for a recital tour I did for the U.S. Information Service in 1963.
An informal snapshot probably from the late 1960s. My "large hair" was mostly created by the shadows on the wall behind me.
Edstanding75 Ed_piano75 Trout Ed_recital
This was taken before a recital of American Music I gave on Staten Island in 1975 before the upcoming bicentennial year. This was also in connection with an edition I did that year of selected American music.
Same recital. The audience had mostly not arrived yet.
Someone in the audience took this photo before a performance, in Queens, NY of Schubert's so-called "Trout" Quintet. From left to right: Kenneth Gordon and Eugenie Dengel, violins, Edward Gold at the piano, Mason Martens, page turner, Martin Ormandy, cello and Homer Mensch, bass.
This was a Polaroid snapshot taken by one of my students or her father, before a home recital at my old piano teacher's home. This was long after I'd studied with her. (Elise Braun-Barnett.)

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Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso, op.14

Beethoven: Sonata in Eb, op.81a, "Les Adieux" complete in 2 files:
1."The Farewell"
2. The Absence and
3. The Return

Schubert: Fantasy in C major, op.15 (Wanderer)
1.Allegro con fuoco, ma non troppo

The Wanderer Fantasy complete in one file. for Broadband users only.

Ravel: Sonatine (complete)

Liszt: Mephisto Waltz no.1 (Dance in the Village Inn)

Brahms: Intermezzo in A, op. 118 No. 2
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